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Terroir is not just land, soil, weather, and grapes; it’s also the people. The people who lived here and made their mark on the land, the people who care for the land now, and the people who craft wines from its vines. At Haynes, we produce wines of intent with a sense of place that tell the story of the land.

Haynes Vineyard
Haynes Vineyard

Winemaking here is intuition. We listen to the land and only use oak to frame the wine, like wood frames a painting. Winemaker Nico Cueva shares, “Our job is wine stewards. We’re not really winemakers anymore, we’re taking care of what this land is giving us.”

First planted in 1967, Haynes Vineyard grows Chardonnay, Syrah, and Pinot Noir. This is the oldest Chardonnay and Pinot in the Napa Valley. The wines we produce here reflect the site and the efforts of the people who pour themselves into this place. What we grow – Vigneron, What we make – Forgeron, and What we love – Corazon.

Bottle of Haynes Vineyard Corazon Chardonnay Wine bottles and glasses on a table set by the vineyard Bottle of Haynes Vineyard Forgeron


Haynes Syrah


Haynes Pinot Noir


Haynes Vigneron Chardonnay


Haynes Corazon Chardonnay

Haynes Vineyard Picnic table set with wine and blanket

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Due to small production, the wines of Haynes are available exclusively to members of our curated allocation program. These limited wines are offered during seasonal releases and tell the story of this special place.

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